Silver Whistle Blower Toots Again
Bix Weir

Andrew Maguire just gave an interview on King World News in which he discusses the fast approaching END of silver manipulation. You can listen to the interview here:

It should be clear to everyone that we are on the brink of SOMETHING...we are just not sure how BIG it will be. Andrew seems to think that the new Pan Asian Exchange will destroy the silver market riggers because they won't be able to supply even the smallest amount of physical silver to satisfy potential delivery requirements.

I agree with Andrew on this point. They don't have it and they can't find it because it doesn't exist. But we need to take this discussion to another level and that level has to do with a very simple question...


The single most important issue here is not the supply of physical silver or the amount of paper silver leverage but the faith and belief in un-backed fiat money. This "virtual money" that is hoarded worldwide in the paper and electronic form is 100% unsustainable if gold and silver are allowed to trade "freely". Unfortunately, when Andrew talks about TRUE price discovery in the silver market it is assumed that these "silver exchanges" are still operating and have not self-imploded. All these exchanges are, supposedly, the ultimate backstop for the trades and once the first silver short defaults it is the exchange that must make good on the transaction. Why else do you think all these exchanges have gone public in the past few years? THE LIABILITY IS MASSIVE!

This is an excerpt from the Friday Road Trip on 6/3/2011...

The CEO of the CME Let's the CAT OUT OF THE BAG on Silver Manipulation

One of the henchmen for the Bad Guys came out of his dark hole to talk about the rigging of the silver market. Here's Craig Donohue, the CEO of the CME who runs the COMEX, talking about what an upstanding citizen the CME is...

Now here's what he said at around 1:50...

"Margin requirements are really intended to make sure that we have the ability to PROTECT all participants in the Clearing House because WE are the GUARANTOR to every buyer and every seller."

What did he just say??? Did he just ADMIT that the massive margin increases implemented AFTER the price of silver started falling were designed to PROTECT a participant in the clearing house?! Why would this "protection" be needed if the CME had been closely regulating, as they are required to being a "self-regulator", the free and honest trading all the way up to $50/oz silver?

And then he goes on to actually TELL THE TRUTH about why they assisted in the silver slam..."BECAUSE WE ARE THE GUARANTOR"! Yep. Here you have a SELF-REGULATOR who would be DESTROYED FINANCIALLY if silver were to EVER BE FREELY TRADED!!! Unbelievable!!

This criminal went on to say...

"Margin requirements are really not set up to influence trading behavior or prices in the market."

But that's EXACTLY what they did by continuing to raise margins driving the price of silver down repeatedly forcing traders to sell their leveraged positions that they had slowly accumulated. It was a fraud and it was 100% criminal. You are now on our list of traitors and thieves Mr. Donohue.

And just to add a little icing to the corruption cake listen to what that moronic little shill of an interviewer says..

"That's speaking to the people who are really calling you 'Mr. I Killed The Silver Bubble'!"

Bubble my ass! Will the insanity EVER STOP?

He then goes on to say "we want to make sure we can cover 99% of the price moves in a market in order to be the guarantor"...HA! I hope he wasn't talking about covering 99% of the trades with real metal because his eligible silver inventories just dropped below 30M ounces yet silver contracts that traded hands on the first day of the slam was over 1B ounces!

No wonder he's come out of his hole.


Here is the full report for Private Road Members:

The battles are raging in every corner of power for the Bad Guys. The monetary system, the military industrial complex, the media controls, the educational system, the health care system and on and on. For so long we believed our conrollers were all knowing, all powerful and completely invincible...but not any more. WE THE PEOPLE have the power to destroy them and we always have.

Everything is pointing to a mass realization that the DISTORTED REALITY we have been slaves to is crumbling. This is the end game in motion.

There is very little time left to prepare.

Here's the checklist for every one again:


The monetary pillars of the house of cards have begun to collapse.

Prepare for the end...AND THEN A NEW BEGINNING!

If you find it hard to believe that our reality can really change listen to this poem until the very end...

Lost Generation

May the Road you choose be the Right Road

Bix Weir

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