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Road to Roota Updates on Youtube
Bix Weir
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I'm amazed by all the information that is coming into line with the Road to Roota Theory on Youtube and other forms of the "New Media". From all corners of the world events related to the "End Days" of the fiat monetary system are taking place and the "New Media" is the place to track down the TRUTH. From the end of the Oil Standard to the Silver Moonshot to the final preparations of implementing a true gold standard in the is all happening NOW!

Here's some Youtube videos that are important in their own right but show just how fast it is all happening...

First Max Keiser and his "Silver Liberation Army" along with Alex Jones and his huge audience of anti-New World Order antagonists...

The Silver Liberation Army

This is just ONE of many attacks being launched against the price suppression in silver. You will see very soon that SILVER really does have the power to...

"Melt The Witch"

Next we have the amazing insider, Pastor Lindsey Williams, who lived with the Oil Bad Guys who run the world. Understanding the Oil Con is 100% required to understand the global fiat monetary system. In the Road to Roota theory all the natural resources in the US have been HIDDEN over the past 100 years in wildlife preserves, military bases and in national parks just waiting for that day when other countries no longer accept fiat paper for their own resources. Limited natural resources vs unlimited paper there even any contest? IT WAS SO SIMPLE but now it is ending!

Just listen to what Lindsey has to say...

Lindsey Williams on Goldseek Radio 04/08/11

Even the mainstream TV channel CNBC is getting on the band wagon and interviewing people who actually KNOW what they are talking about. This is all part of the plan to EDUCATE the masses over the last 2 years. We are now READY to let the entire system implode.

Marc Faber on CNBC 04/08/11

Of course there's one of my favorites...Clif High and the Webbot Project. I am well aware that his predictions have not all come true at the exact time predicted but if you ask me he comes A LOT closer than most. Nobody can deny that the global craziness he predicted years ago is coming true from gold and silver price rises to Global Revolution to crazy weather to earth changes. It's all happening just that our interpretation of his data may be flawed at times.

Here's a Youtube video of what he sees in the future for SILVER!

Webbots prediction when Not to sell your silver

Of course I have to finish this off with some of my own Youtube videos. The one that's gotten the most views was Part 3 of my interview with SGTbull07. I guess that when you make the statement that Silver will trade at $6,000 per ounce you're bound to raise some interest! (ps - I've raised my expectations for the price of silver lately based on the gold-silver ratio...coming soon in an article)


So keep an eye on Youtube and all other forms of the "new Media" as the word is spreading. It is likely that one day you will wake up and the financial world will have stopped in it's tracks.

On that day we begin a NEW journey that will be guided by NEW RULES and NEW LEADERS.

And we are close.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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