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Part II - Conversations with God...about Gold and Silver!
Bix Weir
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The following is Part II of my "Conversations with God" series.

Part I can be found here:

Shall we continue...

Me: Are you still there God? It's hard to hear you.

God: Yes, I am still here and always have been.

Me: God, everything seems so out of control. What is happening?

God: You are in the transition. You have chosen to experience this dynamic moment in the history of mankind. You have prepared mentally and spiritually and now you are ready.

Me: I've been ready for a LONG time now. When's it all going to happen? When will we return to a Gold Standard like you promised?

God: I never promised...but it is what you have chosen to return to at this time.

Me: Why are you delaying? People around the world are in pain. The pain of hunger, the pain of debt, the pain of the homeless, the pain of manipulation... so much pain. When will it all stop?

God: You have chosen the time...and it is close.

Me: Why didn't it end back in 2008 when the "Credit Crisis" hit? Why couldn't you have ended it then?

God: There were still lessons you wanted to needed to learn. To understand the "goodness" of a Gold Standard you must first understand the "badness" of a Fiat Money Standard. Without understanding darkness you cannot understand the light. Without the knowledge of the bad you cannot understand the good.

Me: So was that it? We didn't understand the inherent evil of fiat money so there was no way to return to an honest money?

God: Something like that. But in the past few years you have educated the masses and you soon will be ready to return to the good.

Me: Soon?! How soon? We all know we are in pain. Our nation is bankrupt. Our cities and states have no money to protect, educate, provide or care for their people. THERE IS NO WAY OUT OF THIS DEBT SPIRAL!

God: Of course there is...and you know it better than most. I have given you the secret knowledge of sound money. Most have forgotten that money does not have to be debt created by banks. Money can and should be created as an asset...not debt.

Me: But it's been so long since we've had money that had intrinsic value. We wouldn't know what it's like not to be in debt.

God. You will very soon. You have chosen to start fresh without the lead weight of banking debt around your neck like a noose. Be prepared for a grand event that will shape your world for 1,000 years. A GLOBAL DEBT JUBILEE.

Me: How could that be? The banks would never allow all the debt to be forgiven. They own and control the world.

God: That is where you are mistaken. The banks are insolvent. They leveraged their balance sheets 50-1 so every dollar their "assets" have fallen they have lost $50. They have less than you but they maintain the illusion through crooked accounting and "off balance sheet" financing. This will end soon and the banks assets and debts will melt away into nothingness.

Me: Do you mean there will be a COMPLETE collapse of all monetary instruments? No more savings or 401k's or bonds or T-bills? Nothing?

God: No artificial paper wealth will survive the crash. Paper wealth was a construct of your controllers in order to maintain the illusion of power over you. Their time is's time to re-boot the system and start fresh. That means no more paper assets...but also NO MORE DEBT!

Me: I know, you've told me this before. All will be wiped clean with the derivative/banking implosion....but it hasn't happened yet. The "Controllers" keep finding a way out.

God: No. They have found no such thing. They have been destroyed from the inside. It is YOU...the People... that were not ready yet. But you have come a long way in these few years. You have listened to those who foresaw the problems of fiat money...AND NOW THEY WILL HAVE THEIR CHANCE TO BE HEARD.

Me: Why now and not before?

God: Like you said earlier. The people are in pain. More pain than ever before. Things are VERY, VERY bad and the global monetary crash will shine the light on the true problem with the system...IT'S FIAT MONEY...DEBT MONEY...and those who controlled it HAVE NOW LOST CONTROL.

Me: So how's it going to happen? Will it be something I can point to and say "SEE. HERE IT COMES. BUCKLE UP!"

God: IT HAS ALREADY STARTED! It's all around you but if you want to point to one thing it is the creation of the massive mortgage securitization and derivative complex. It is very important. It will become a pivotal realization and acknowledgment by law enforcement that securitizations and derivatives are fraudulent and illegal by their very nature.

Me: What do you mean?

God: Under your US Law, if prior written permission of an asset holder (such as a mortgagor) has not been clearly obtained to transfer title of that asset, then the asset transfer and all subsequent transactions are ILLEGAL. It's that simple.

Me: Wait a minute. Does that mean all the COMEX paper gold and silver pledged against physical metal are illegal contacts? What about that gold and silver in the ETF's that HSBC and JP Morgan use to justify their gold and silver paper shorts?

God: They are illegal transactions because permission was not explicitly given by the share holders to short the metal pledged to the ETFs. The CFTC is about to shut down the "Fractional Reserve Metal" scam around the world. It will start with filing charges against the silver manipulators and spread from there.

Me: But there are TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in Securitizations and derivatives for almost every asset class in the world. Are you saying they are ALL ILLEGAL?

God: are. You wrote the laws of your land. Just because the bankers put the right people in the enforcement positions at the SEC, CFTC and in your Government DOES NOT mean that the laws are null-and-void. It just means that no one had enforced them...until now.

Me: But why now? Why is the SEC and CFTC starting to go after the banking cabal now?

God: Because it is time.

Me: But don't they know that if the gigantic derivative complex comes crashing down...EVERYTHING WILL BE DESTROYED?

God: Yes. Like I's time to start fresh.

Me: Really?

God: Yes. You are ready. It's going to be quite a rough ride for a bit. Think of it as your final lesson on the evils of fiat money.

Me: Wow. What can the people do to prepare? Buy gold and silver?

God: Gold and Silver will finally hit their long awaited "moon shot" but, unfortunately, it may not bring you as much joy as you had imagined.

Me: What do you mean?

God: I mean there will be bigger issues...much bigger. If the plan does not go smoothly there may be a complete breakdown of society as you know it. People will be VERY angry when they understand what has really been going on behind the scenes of Wall Street and in Washington. So don't count on taking that lovely Caribbean Cruise when gold and silver skyrocket. It would be wise to prepare to "hunker down" for a while.

Me: I guess you're right. Any tips?

God: Make sure you are removed from "the system" as much as possible. Have some of the basics such as food, water, clothes...etc. Pretend you're preparing for a month long camping trip in a remote wilderness.

Me: What about a gun for protection?

God: Unfortunately, in the hands of most people a gun is more dangerous to themselves than it would be useful for personal protection. You're better off having a lot of close friends and neighbors that you can rely on. There is power in numbers. Organize now before you have to scramble. At the first sign of trouble (and you will know it when it hits) stay close to home.

Me: Should we be scared?

God: People will be very scared...and very angry. But you know "why" this is all happening so you will have much less reason to fear the transition. Help others understand. There are people, good people, working on making the transition as painless as possible.

Me: Will it turn out ok? I mean when it's all over. Will we be better off?

God: Yes. So much so that it may feel like heaven on earth. Imagine a country where everyone is very well off. The schools are fully funded. All public agencies have plenty of funds to provide for the well being of their community. The police are there more to "serve" than to "protect" because there is much less crime. The huge disparity between the classes will be gone. Everyone starts again on a fairly even economic footing. There are no poor, there is no hunger and there is no WAR.

Me: My God...that does sound like "Heaven on Earth"!

God: I'm glad you can see past the fog that's in front of you.

Me: Do we really have to go through all that bad stuff to get to the other side?

God: No. But you have chosen to. If you didn't you would not understand or appreciate the gift of honest money. Remember: to understand "good" you must understand that which is "bad".

Me: Well, I feel better...I think.

God: We'll talk again.

Me: When? Will you talk to us in the middle of the craziness? We may need your wisdom.

God: Sure. But the wisdom lies within yourselves and those who are guiding you through these dark days. You have chosen to be here to learn these lessons. They will serve you well.

Me: Thank you God. For everything.

God: You are welcome.


May the Road you choose be the Right Road

Bix Weir

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