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FREE: Friday Road Trip
Bix Weir
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Jack Lew's "Plan" For Silver

In January 2011 Bill Daley was put in charge of controlling the silver market for the US Government. Daley is a deeply embedded "Bad Guy" who was previously one of Jamie Dimon's "Swat Team on Financial Markets". I wrote about what he did in this article:

JP Morgan : Operation Silver Slam

So we can easily see in retrospect that Bill Daley's plan was to bring the price of silver up to $50 in the 1st 4 months of 2011 and then to SLAM it down repeatedly destroying all the confidence in the silver markets in both price and trust that the CFTC would uphold the law. Mission was accomplished. I warned everybody as soon as Daley took office that it was all about silver so BEWARE!

Now US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is in charge of the silver control mechanism and I will call his plan "Operation Screw Silver". His operation began when he took office in February and it is to destroy the silver markets by continually driving the price of silver lower, and lower, and lower until sentiment is lost. But it has backfired in the market for silver (and gold) as sentiment has never been stronger for purchasing physical silver. There are many data points that bare this out especially the largest investment silver buyer in the world...the US Mint. Even with the delayed production, high premiums and sporadic backlogs check out OFF THE CHART SALES of SAE's. Compare the above sales for 3 1/2 months of 21M ounces to last years sales...

It's insane how many SAE's are being made and sold as the US Mint does everything in their power to slow down sales! Currently the Mint is on track to sell 70 Million Ounces of Silver in 2013!

And numbers like this are popping up all around the world...DOUBLE PHYSICAL SILVER INVESTMENT CONSUMPTION!

I call it "Investment Consumption" because silver that is cast into American Eagles is NEVER melted down for the silver content so it is OFF THE MARKET for all intents and purposes.

Let's face it. Jack Lew's plan has backfired 100%. Maybe...

Unless the second half of his plan is to FLASH CRASH the COMEX and close it down!

Flash Crashing...EVERYTHING!

So the first part of Jack Lew's plan has materialized...continue to prop up the Dow and the dollar while smashing electronic gold and silver prices. Now it's all about how to get out of this situation without causing chaos.

It can't be done! There is no where he can place the price of silver that will cool the physical market and time is running short. So the most likely end game for "Operation Screw Silver" is to Flash Crash it and shut down the COMEX settling in cash. If not then we are looking at $100+ physical silver in a blink of an eye.

How easy is it to Flash Crash a market? Simple! Just a few key strokes in a computer trading program. Here are some recent examples:

Anadarko Flash Crash Raises Questions About Structure Rules

"Flash-crash response rules didn't kick in Friday when a $45 billion stock market capitalization company's stock price was temporarily wiped out in seconds late in the trading day."


"The stock price of Anadarko Petroleum APC +1.33% plummeted in seconds from roughly $90 a share late Friday to trade at a penny a share before recovering. It has since recovered and was trading normally Monday."

And then on 5/23/2013...

Utilities Flash Crash at opening Bell

"This morning, when New York markets opened at 9:30 AM, shares of American Electric Power and Nextera Energy, two big electric utilities, briefly plunged 54% and 62% respectively."

"Both companies are in the S&P 500, and the flash crash brought the utilities sub-sector of the index down nearly 8% overall."

"The massive moves resulted in a trading halt in shares of both companies."

And these are just some average Flash Crashes not orchestrated by the US Treasury and regulators(I don't think). Just imagine if there was a sanctioned Flash Crash of COMEX silver?

For example: what if the Treasury instructed JP Morgan and friends to sell 1M silver contracts (representing 5,000oz per contract) in one trade. That represents 5B oz of paper silver. On the way down it may fill many buy orders in the low 20's and high teens but the continued selling will fill all orders and continue down making those contracts massively underwater. Then, after filling all orders, shut down the market and settle all positions in cash OR declare a force majeure and not settle any contracts closing down the COMEX for good.

The above is just one of the END GAME potentials.

Voila, problem solved.

CFTC Commissioner Lays Out an End Run for Banksters

So let's assume that they want to keep the COMEX and all other markets functioning and just shake the leaves a bit. What's a good way to PRETEND to have a better structure after the shakeout but really have no change at all?

The High Frequency Trader's wet dream of a CFTC Commissioner Scott O'Malia has chimed in by relaesing his latest "expert analysis" of what needs to be regulated in the high tech computer trading world.


Did ya get all that hocus pocus computer rigging lingo? Did you get the sense that it's pretty specific? Do ya know what he's trying to do for the crooked banksters?!

Here's the deal with ANY attempt at specific "regulation" of computer market rigging...


What O'Malia is trying to do is PRETEND to fix the problem so computer market rigging can go forward after the system breaks down.

He knows it. Everybody knows it.

The ONLY way to FIX the problem going forward is to BAN any computer programmed trading COMPLETELY from any free markets.

Yes, totally ban computers as well as any derivatives of underlying assets such as futures and options.

Ultimately, the only FREE commodity market can be populated by legitimate producers and users of the commodity. Speculators should go to Vegas where they can play with as much funny money as they want.

The future of FREE MARKETS will be a much smaller establishment run by honest participants.

The Problem is TODAY'S MONEY Has No Value

Ultimately, the problem with our markets today is that what we call "MONEY" has no real value so everybody and their mother have no problem playing multi billion dollar games with derivatives and stocks and bonds...everything. Even houses. People go to a bank and borrow this funny money that the bank creates out of thin air and VOILA you have a house. If money had REAL value loans would be hard to get because the bank would not part so easily with it and people would not want to give any of it away in the form of interest payments. it is phoney money that has fueled the boom of the last 40 years.

But it has also formed the bubbles in EVERYTHING as people use this unlimited phoney money to play the game with.

Very soon it will end and we'll have to go back to REAL and silver coin and the supposed "productivity" of our system will stop.

But at least it will be real.

Bailout Won't Happen...Ensuring Total Destruction!

Many people are still angry about the bailout in 2008. So much so that another bailout is highly unlikely. This is even being discussed by senior officials within the Treasury as if they know what's coming...



As prepared for delivery

"A common use of the too-big-to-fail shorthand is the notion that the government will bail a company out if it is in danger of collapse because its failure would otherwise have too great a negative impact. With respect to this understanding of too-big-to-fail, let me be very clear. It is wrong. No financial institution, regardless of its size, will be bailed out by taxpayers again. Shareholders of failed companies will be wiped out; creditors will absorb losses; culpable management will not be retained and may have their compensation clawed back." ~ Mary Miller (USDept Treasury)

So it is clear that NO BAILOUT will come next time.

But "Next Time" could happen at any moment! The banksters are weaker than ever and EVERYTHING is pointing to another collapse.

So What Then? What happens after a collapse and NO BAILOUT?

AFTER THE CRASH: February 2011 Interview with SGTreport

Then comes the Road to Roota! It was always a POST CRASH scenario that interested me and what the Good Guys have been planning for. Here's an interview I had with Sean at over two years ago. Some of it has not come true but MOST of it has simply been on hold and is ready to hit NOW!

Clif High's Language Manifesting..Hold On Tight

Clif High's take on the future is very bleak indeed. May 2013 is when it begins and the world will never bee the same going forward. The question that is raised now is "Is it happening yet?"

My answer is "It depends on your perspective."

For some there is no doubt that the Grim Reaper has arrived. Look at this aerial shot of an Oklahoma neighborhood...


For these people the Clif High prediction came and went leaving them with nothing and nowhere to turn.

The worst set of tornadoes in US history has already transpired in May 2013 so what's next? What will this do...

Strong Solar Flare Reaching M7.3 Erupted From Region 1745 - CME Released

I don't think it will fry the planet but it IS adding more radiation and nuterenos to our Earth which some believe contribtes to the Earth Expansion Theory.

Are we about to hit an Earth Expansion Event? How bad will it be?

Clif and the Remote Viewers see it beginning sometime BEFORE June 1st...that's just a week away!

I'm not scared because I think it is unlikely based on things that have happened in my lifespan...but what the hell does that matter? I've only been on this Earth for 50 years give or take. What do I know about what Mother Earth is capable of?!

So I stand ready for anything.

If there is a big Earthquake this weekend in the Pacific Northwest I'll crawl into my bunker and await the Big One.

If not I'll just sleep with one eye open!

That's it for this week. Thank for all the congratulation on the Roota Coin's introduction. I love how it turned out and the whole concept. Who knows...if I am right about the whole Road to Roota Theory and concept and the world is finally told the TRUTH this coin could be quite the Collectors Item :-)

You can place your order here:

Again, they won't take your order unless they have the silver onsite and ready to be made into the coins.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.


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