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Write-In Ron Paul for President!
Bix Weir
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*I will be handing 1,000 of these pens out at the Silver Summit this year...IT'S NOT TOO LATE! If the monetary crash hits in the coming weeks the Good Guys will demand a special election procedure with a write-in vote in every state. I can see it now...People lining up around the block to vote holding their WRITE-IN RON PAUL pens high above their heads in a show of transparency and force! WE THE PEOPLE can decide our own fate.


Leading Us Through the Darkness

One of the most asked questions I get on the Road to Roota is..."What if Ron Paul doesn't get elected?" It is a very good question and one that I STILL think is the most important issue on the table. Bigger than the economic issues, gold/silver manipulation issues, monetary issues or even liberty and freedom issues.


Because we need a leader to take us out of the darkness and into the light. We need a focal point to rally around or the CHAOS of the transition is likely to spin out of control. That is why the Good Guys allowed the system to continue to be rigged for the last four years.


There are many that have given up hope that he can still be elected. They "claim" to have not lost faith in his ideals but they think that he has no chance and that the Bad Guys have won this all important battle.


I think that Ron Paul is still in the running. Not only that but he "will be" the FRONT RUNNER because he can "fix the problem"...The REASON that nobody understands how badly we need Ron Paul is that THE PROBLEM has yet to manifest. 40 years of printing money at will HAS NOT been detrimental to the population, the loss of liberties ARE NOT a major problem for our citizens and the budget deficits HAS NOT caused any harm to the people of the United States of America. Ron Paul has been WRONG for 40 years.


Let's use a metaphor...suppose the situation in United States was like the 1986 failure of the Space Shuttle Challenger. The Challenger flew perfectly for 73 seconds but all the while a leak in the "O Ring" had a blowtorch effect on the external fuel tank. For 73 seconds that blow torch fired away at the external fuel tank but everything seemed fine to the people below. All systems were "go" and those happy people at Cape Canaveral were celebrating and admiring their success. At second 74 EVERYTHING changed when the external fuel tank blew up.

In 1971 the the Space Shuttle "US Dollar" took off much like the Challenger did in 1986 except it was without the monetary backing of gold. For 40 years it was accepted as the strongest currency in the world. It was the first time in history that people accepted an unbacked global reserve currency and yet all along there was a golden blow torch firing away at it's structure.

We have hit our 73rd second and now everything is going to blow.

Very soon WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America will be given a choice, a REAL choice, about who we want to lead us into the FUTURE as the President of our nation. Unfortunately, most of WE THE PEOPLE have yet to awaken to the reality that our society is not what we had thought it was. We had thought we had free choices, free markets and free will...but we were deceived. We don't and haven't had these freedoms for over 100 years.


In the coming weeks before the election EVERYTHING we believed to be true will be called into question...including the integrity and morality of the two choices provided to us for the Presidency. Yes, we have been conned into believing there are ONLY TWO choices but we were forced into that false construct. These candidates were not chosen by the "free will" of WE THE PEOPLE but rather forced upon us by our "Controllers".


For those who claim that a vote for Ron Paul is a "wasted vote" I beg you to reconsider. Do you really think that a vote for Romney or Obama is a different choice? They work for exactly the same people - both parties are puppets to the same Controllers. A vote for Ron Paul is not a wasted is our ONLY other choice.

Break out of your conditioning and WRITE-IN RON PAUL for PRESIDENT! It is the LAST hope for our nation.

Spread this "Write-In Ron Paul" message far and wide on the internet and in the streets.

Hold your blue pen high above your head as you wait in line at the voting booths.

Show the Bad Guys we will not back down...EVER!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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