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ALERT: Banks Go MASSIVELY Short Silver in September to Stop Price Rise!
Bix Weir
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Holy Cow! The Bank Participation Report for the month of September was just released and it's a DOOZY! The top 4 US banks are up to their NECKS in COMEX Shorts! In the month of September they added 9,024 contracts of net shorts or over 45M ounces but the price still rose over 10%!!!

Here's the data:

How can the CFTC say that these 45M ounces of silver sold by just a few entities NOT be manipulative?

Although Ted Butler has been brilliant in identifying who has held the short over the years he seems to think this is all JP Morgan these days. Of course he is a little handicapped in his analysis as he only sticks to the provable FACTS and on the Road to Roota I don't believe in such constraints! this freedom has lead me to PROOF that there is a brand new US Bank playing the exact same game as JPM.

Here's my analysis from last week(...for Private Road Members)

ALERT: Silver Short Hot Potato Being Passed Again!

The latest BPR confirms my suspicion as it is very clear that there is a NEW US BANK adding massive amounts of shorts to the already massively concentrated COMEX Silver short position.

Should be very interesting next week!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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