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While Supplies last I will send you $20 in Hard Copy Paper Bitcoin with EVERY new membership or renewal on the Private Road. So basically, if you sign up or renew for a year and the price of Bitcoin climbs 10X over the next year you are MAKING MONEY by joining the Private Road!

The Private Road Subscription is a private, members-only, resource for those serious about uncovering the truth behind the gold/silver market manipulations. Subscribers receive access to all the Road to Roota updates posted to the website as well as up to the minute email alerts on the maneuvers of the gold/silver cabal. Postings on the are categorized among the 5 main feature articles:

1 "Road to Roota Letters" arrive in your email periodically depending on market developments and research schedules. Some are more in-depth than others but all are relevant to those interested in understanding the long term manipulation of gold and silver.

2 "Road to Roota Blasts" are emails sent out as significant events happen. These emails are usually short with explanations of why a certain event is relevant and include a link to an article dealing with the topic. "Flashes" happen at random times depending on developing market dynamics.

3 "Road to Roota Reader" are my email suggestions on books, articles and links related to the origins of market manipulation that will help everyone understand how this nightmare came to be our current reality.

4 "Road to Roota Freedom" is my favorite email blast and these deal with the continuing fight to take down the banking cabal. This will include the behind the scenes progress and setbacks as we travel down the Road to Roota and the final Implementation of the Gold Standard.

5 "Friday Road Trip" is an update/mind dump of issues and topics I send out near the end of most weeks. Much of this information is later explored in the more in-depth Road to Roota Letters.

For a Private Road membership of just $199.00 per year, you get 365 days of uninterrupted access to private, member's only, information.

You even get full access to our sizable archives including

  • All the back-issues of the Road to Roota Letters
  • All the back-issues of the Road Trips
  • All the back issues of the Blasts, Reader and Freedom articles

    Subscribing now guarantees that you'll immediately receive access to important information related to the gold and silver manipulation conspiracy.

    All the content is available exclusively over the net and is available daily.


    Joining now will give you immediate access to all the resources in the member's only section.

    There are THREE ways to join/subscribe:

    1) You can use this Paypal button:

    *For Non-U.S. subscribers, only use the PayPal, "BuyNow" button.

    *IMPORTANT: When complete click on the RoadtoRoota link to set your login name and password.

    2) You can also sign up directly with Road to Roota via Credit Card: CLICK HERE for our Secure online order form.

    3) If you are a BitCoin lover you can sign up by sending $199 in BTC to the following Bitcoin address.


    Make sure you send me an email notification ( with your name, address and email address after you send your Bitcoin.

    Subscription Expired?

    Please use either of the above subscription payment options and check the "renew" box.

    As a subscription gives instant access to all Archived Articles on the website ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


    Feel free to contact me

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