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Road to Roota Letters
Interview: Bix on Banksters, Bitcoin & Bullion
I sat down for an interview with Will Lehr of to talk about all the action these days. . . . keep reading

The Road to Roota Theory
It was January 2007 when I first discovered the information released by the Federal Reserve Bank, Boston that changed my understanding of the gold & silver markets, the financial markets, the energy markets, the monetary system as well as the true essence of my country, the United States of America. My understanding of the way the world worked was blown to bits and replaced with a more unified theory on all things monetary... all things that lead us down The Road to Roota otherwise known as the Road to the Gold Standard . . . keep reading

Where The Price of Silver Is Going and Why
Nobody should under estimate the COILED SPRING EFFECT that underlies the silver price. 40 years of computer price suppression won't blow off smoothly! I will attempt to quantify the potential price movements in Silver based on my 20 reasons to SELL/BUY from this article . . . keep reading

INTERVIEW: Bitcoin, Gold and Silver Will Survive the Global Implosion
There is nothing more important to get your head around at this moment in time than the Bitcoin phenomenon as it relates to the upcoming Monetary Implosion. I sat down for an interview with Elijah Johnson to explain in very simple terms how I believe Bitcoin will play a very important role in the future of money and why it will survive the MONETARY CRASH. . . . keep reading

FREE 1oz Limited Edition Road to Roota Coins!
Starting today I'm giving away one FREE ounce of silver with every subscription or renewal of a Road to Roota Private Road Membership! . . . keep reading

The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill!
Of course I was excited about the new $100 bill having all that gold on it because I was tipped off years ago that it would be "special" when it finally got released. One of the central themes of my work at the Road to Roota Letters is that there is a group of people working to end the fiat money system and return the US back to the Gold Standard. READ HOW THIS BILL SECRETLY INTRODUCES THE NEW GOLD STANDARD . . . keep reading

Melt The Witch 2014
What would you do to take down the Gold market riggers? What would you sacrifice? How hard would you work if you KNEW that the culmination of your effort would end the long term manipulation of gold? As for me, I am very tired of fighting the Gold Cabal . . . keep reading

Bix Weir on the Silver End Game
The following interview with Elijah Johnson incorporates everything I have studied and learned for the past 13 years as it pertains to the silver market, the monetary system, the government and the End Game. . . . keep reading

Friday Road Trip
2014 Timeline on the Road to RootA
Here's my current take on how things will progress in this most important year. As always, predicting the future is difficult and the "hit rate" on the Road to Roota is about 50% but that's a lot better than chance when it comes to future predictions. My goal with this time line is to erect "Road Signs" to watch for as we come closer and closer to the END OF THE ROAD and the destruction of all electronic and paper monetary instruments. So here we go . . . keep reading

"Shock and Awe" at The Silver Summit
Loads of great stuff went down yesterday at the 2012 Silver Summit but what stood out for me is the AWAKENING of silver investors that the game is 100% rigged. Before my 1/2 hour speech called "The Mechanics of Silver Manipulation and Silver Conspiracies" I sat in on Jeffrey Christian's speech and became "unhinged" as he bad mouthed GATA, Bill Murphy, Andrew Maguire, Ted Butler and finally RON PAUL! I was pissed and I told everybody so at the beginning of my speech. . . . keep reading

Get OUT of Gold and Into SILVER NOW!
So what if we discovered one day that gold is NOT very scarce? What then all you Gold Bugs? Would you stop being a Gold Bug? Would you change your opinion on the "value" of gold as a monetary metal? Would you PANIC to try and get out of Gold and into something that truly is scarce? . . . keep reading

Silver Expert: Jeffrey Christian Proves Illegal COMEX Price Setting
In a stunning admission at the 2013 The Silver Summit in Spokane, Washington CPM Group's President Jeffrey Christian, a long time opponent of silver market rigging claims, admitted that the price of silver was being illegally set on the COMEX trading floor. This admission came during his attempt to prove that there was no silver market manipulation taking place. . . . keep reading

Friday Road Trip 4/18/14
Bix Weir's "May Surprise" for the Cabal, Direct Assault on Heart of Cabal Market Rigging, Who Owns America's Secret Gold Deposits?, "THE FIX" Was Always in For Gold, Entering "The Grand Cross"...TIMING!, Time to Bring out THE SILVER SONG!, The Timeline Progression . . . keep reading

The Spark of Revolution Has Started
Too soon to tell how influential this will be in our fight for freedom but there are thousands of Freedom Fighters headed to Nevada AT THIS VERY MOMENT to take on our criminal government thugs . . . keep reading

You'll Never Walk Alone
We've had many new members join our ranks lately on the Road to Roota as the Global Bankster Cabal teeters on the brink of total collapse. 10 years ago even the most . . . keep reading

#2 Man at JP Morgan OUT...You're Next on the Chopping Block Blythe!
What's the expression?...The Rats are leaving the ship?! Well there goes a big hairy rat from the heart of the Silver Market Rigging Operation . . . keep reading

RUSSIA: Silver Putin Coin
Just days before the Obama Administration announces new sanctions on Russia there is news coming out of Russia that there is a new "Limited Edition" 1kg SILVER COIN . . . keep reading

US Navy Declares War Against the Bad Guys
Human beings have known for years, many decades even, that there are much better ways of creating energy than by burning fossil fuels . . . keep reading

Kitco Not Worried About Illegal Manipulation
Kitco, of all places, has posted an interview with a gold trader in which he describes how COMEX price rigging is accomplished through High Frequency Trading . . . keep reading

First it was Syria...The Bad Guys wanted their war. Obama declares we will strike because a line was crossed. . . . keep reading

The Final Battles Rage!
It is all happening my friends. Stay on the sidelines with your physical silver and gold in hand and keep an even stronger hold on your BITCOIN because it will come in very, very handy after the crash . . . keep reading

Bitcoin: The New Battle Ground for our Freedom
AMAZING! Within the last few weeks the battles that were being fought for our freedom have shifted from the gold and silver markets to BITCOIN! I'm dead serious . . . keep reading