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Road to Roota Letters
Book II "Out of the Darkness"
Bix Weir goes for another deep dive into the issues that we are all asking about what is going on in our world: Why the Economic Crash is necessary, the cycles in life, the mechanics of Gold and Silver Manipulation; Bitcoin's transformation to mass use by the Public, the derivative meltdown, the fragility of technology...and why we are going through all this turmoil. . . . keep reading

The Book "Silver, Gold, Bitcoin...and God!"
Bix Weir goes for a deep dive into the issues that will soon be the most important topics of conversation on every street corner in America: The Looming Economic Crash, Gold and Silver Manipulation; The Future of Bitcoin, The Implosion of the Global Un-backed Fiat Monetary System, The Rebirth of America...and where America Goes AFTER THAT. Of course, Bix refuses to stop there as there are no boundaries in this book. Other important topics discussed: A Future Without A NEED FOR MONEY, the Concept of Heaven and Hell, Who Is God, the Hidden Secrets on the Earth, Our Hidden Human Past, Who Is Controlling Us, Extraterrestrial Life and where we will all end up when this is ALL OVER. . . . keep reading

We have arrived at a point in our nation's history that will define how our future will unfold. There are now only two Roads left to take . . . keep reading

Bix Weir Interview w/ Sean at
Latest Bix Weir interview with Sean at I sat down the other day for an interview with Sean over at SGTReport and we discussed many of the topics I'm been wrestling with lately. False flags, Silver Eagles, Good Guys vs Bad Guys and the huge Ponzi Implosion that is hurdling it's way towards us as we speak. . . . keep reading

NEW OFFERING: Bix Weir's "Roadside Chats"
1 Hour "Roadside Chats"
These are 1 hour personal phone conversations with Bix Weir that will be catered to your interests as they relate to ANYTHING within the diverse range of topics covered at, in email blasts or in Bix's many radio interviews. . . .
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Bix Weir Interview: Worse Than 2008 Economic Crash
I sat down with Elijah Johnson of to discuss the current situation we are in and where it will lead. . . . keep reading

Silver Manipulation Solution: 17 Requirements for a Freely Traded Silver Market Structure
Until these recommendations are met there is NO CHANCE of a truly free market in silver developing. Unfortunately, it will likely take another Global Market Meltdown for the regulators to take these recommendations to heart. . . . keep reading

20 Reasons to Sell (BUY!!) Physical Silver
I have written countless articles on why silver is the #1 best investment in THE HISTORY OF INVESTING. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that even comes close to it. Having said all that it doesn't mean that there will NEVER be an appropriate time to sell your physical silver. Here's when I will SELL PHYSICAL SILVER with both fists . . . keep reading

Friday Road Trip
"Shock and Awe" at The Silver Summit
Loads of great stuff went down yesterday at the 2012 Silver Summit but what stood out for me is the AWAKENING of silver investors that the game is 100% rigged. Before my 1/2 hour speech called "The Mechanics of Silver Manipulation and Silver Conspiracies" I sat in on Jeffrey Christian's speech and became "unhinged" as he bad mouthed GATA, Bill Murphy, Andrew Maguire, Ted Butler and finally RON PAUL! I was pissed and I told everybody so at the beginning of my speech. . . . keep reading

Roota's Timeline
For close to 100 years the United States of America has been at war with a group of bankers and power brokers who's goal it was to take over all aspects of our lives. In doing so they would be able to steer us in whatever direction they thought would most benefit their own self serving goals. Their time at the reigns of mankind is now OVER and here's my latest TIMELINE for this transition. . . . keep reading

Friday Road Trip 11/27/15
Will The "Good Guys" Stop the "Bad Guys" Plans for WW3?, The Real Reason for the Emergency Fed Meeting, Don't Let the EU or Martin Armstrong Scare You Out of Gold, Silver or Bitcoin, China Blow Up - The Replay . . . keep reading

Friday Road Trip 11/20/15
Congress vs The Fed in High Noon Bailout Showdown, US Mint Silver Eagle Conspiracy Intensifies, Will Surgical Removal of Bad Guys Work?, Glencore/Trafigura Key to Ending Metal Price Manipulation, Underwater Nuclear Wars: Russia Ready to Destroy the USA...if need be, 11/13/15 = The Economist Cover Hit, Deep Thoughts By Deep People . . . keep reading

A SOLUTION TO THE MONETARY PROBLEM: A Chicken in Every Pot and A Bitcoin Miner on Every iPhone
Time will tell if the scenario I laid out comes true but it is clear to me that we now really do have the technology and ability to CHANGE THE WORLD! . . . keep reading

Bix Weir Live
As the financial world sleeps soundly this weekend thinking that there is nothing but Green Shoots on the horizon, the Federal Reserve knows different and is going to SHAKE THEM AWAKE . . . keep reading

Rand and Silver Pick-up Truck
I've held off on endorsing anyone in this round of Presidential Elections for one very simple reason...until the "Bad Guys" are taken out completely there is NO PRESIDENT . . . keep reading

Bitcoin Will Continue to Rise as The Pillars Fall
Bitcoin has been on a tear for over a month after being dormant for a long time. Over just the past 30 days Bitcoin has risen from $250/BTC to $350/BTC. No, this is not attributable . . . keep reading

Silver Rigger Getting Crushed!
Yes, this is a very good marker for the next BIG leg down in the Global Monetary Meltdown that started in August. This is all totally planned and orchestrated by the US . . . keep reading

Bix Weir Live Show Announcement
The first ever Silver Conspiracy Show/Event is HAPPENING and nobody can stop the SILVER BALL from rolling now. This is a night filled with music, fun and frivolity . . . keep reading

Mega Metal Derivative Default
One of the world's largest silver miners, Glencore, is in deep trouble and the world is about to see what happens when one of the largest silver derivative . . . keep reading

The Road Less Traveled
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost . . .
keep reading

China Starts Oil Contract in Yuan and Another Chemical Plant Blows Up
The war for our freedom continues to go on in the background as the Sheeple go about their everyday life totally blind to what's about to happen . . . keep reading

See Ya Yellen!
Word out today that Janet Yellen is under investigation for being the leak from the September 2012 FOMC meetings to Medley Global Advisers about the unannounced introduction of QE3 . . . keep reading